I just got a Media Cube, so I guess you can say that I have now become a #cuber for life. This is the video that sold me on it…


I know there are a lot of other similar services like Roku or Apple TV (both with monthly / hidden fees), but once you get to know the Media Cube you will never go back to watching free movies the same way again. Media Cube is $300 to buy and then there are no monthly charges afterwords.

Media Cube supports HD and surround sound. They have live TV channels then your cable service provider does doesn’t have! You can access two pretty much every movie ever made the, every television show ever made, live sports, family free content, tons of documentaries, every season of a lot of programs and yes you can even watch porn without ever dropping another nickel.

the meda cuce

If you want to watch a lot of free movies like I do, just go and grab one of these bad boys for yourself at

I just made this blog because I started discovering so many new kinds of shows I’ve been missing and  getting in touch with some old movies I’d forgotten about, I figured I’d make a little blog and tell you what I’ve been watching and I was hoping that others would come in and comment and recommend similar programs or movies or even write some guest posts.

#MediaCube 4 Life,

they just added this page with a lot more information about the product.


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  1. Hello we have media cube and don’t seem to be getting a lot of TV channels also the picture doesn’t fit the screen , hoping we are missing something ?

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