Katt Williams – The Pimp Chronicles

Katt Williams – The Pimp Chronicles (FULL SHOW)

katt williams the pimp Chronicles
Katt Williams the pimp Chronicles – arguably his best work

Full disclosure, I have been a huge Katt Williams fan for a long time. I used to live in Atlanta Georgia, where the “The Pimp Chronicles” was originally taped (yes, I am bragging a bit, I was at the original show).

I have always thought that this is been his strongest work, he is done some funny stuff since then and that is not just including his erratic public outbursts and problems with the law.

If you feel like sitting in front of your computer, laptop or mobile device I am giving you the whole special you can watch right here on this page, but I am telling you there is nothing better than being able to curl up on your couch with the full surround sound in effect and being able to watch videos in the living room on Media Cube.

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