Free Documentaries

Free Documentaries I Have Discovered on the Media Cube

While I may seem kind of crazy and some of my videos, I am actually a nerd at heart. My favorite genre of television program is by far the documentary.

Here is a list of the popular documentaries that are available on just one channel on The Media Cube.

Popular Free Movies Is on-mediacube 3-3-2015
Some of the most popular movies on my mediacube 3-3-2015 – these free movies and documenteries are just from one channel

Anything about serial killers, WWII / Adolf Hitler, outer space and physics I can sit there and binge watch these types of programs for hours.

shutterstock_169083521Another problem is my local cable provider you much ignores the fact that the BBC ever existed (by hiding it up in channel 700 something). Ever since I was a kid and I first discovered Monty Python, and I can remember leaving parties to go home and try to catch the all time Kings of English comedy (or any comedy for that matter) when it would come on on public television always after midnight.

With devices like the Media Cube it is amazing how much your consumption of entertainment has changed! Can you imagine now giving up the chance to hook up with some girl to go home to watch sketches about parrots?

I did that, and yes I am a nerd!!

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