Drugs, Inc.

Drugs, Inc. “Drugs in the Porn Industry”

I actually got hit up to be the subject of all planned “Drugs in the Porn Industry” show that was supposed to come on Drugs, Inc. I thought about doing it because someone had put me in contact with one of the producers who was looking to know more about how rampant drug use was inside the adult entertainment industry.

For those of you not familiar with the show the show this episode if you never want to do heroin again.

At the end of the day, I decided not to do the show because I didn’t want to attract any all unneeded attention from any of the local Los Angeles law-enforcement types. Not that I am a drug dealer or the typical size strong out criminal treatment typically seen in an episode of drugs Incorporated.

That however it doesn’t make it a bad documentary at all. Faxes, I have gotten plenty of amusement of watching junkies in various towns all across America and the war old for that matter getting there 15 minutes of fame on Drugs Inc. Which I am sure it is subsequently followed up by some kind of a 15 year prison sentence.

Nevertheless, I can tell you that those in the episodes have to be for real because when they came to me asking me to be on the drugs Inc. show they were going to produce about be a toll entertainment Industry they were not out looking for any kind of actors.

It seems like once a year or some producer is looking to do some kind of puff piece on the porn industry just so we can get to hang around with his favorite pornstars.

On the Media Cube you can see every single episode ever made in full HD glory with no commercials by watching either the archived streams or you can even watch new shows with live TV on the Media Cube.

By the way, National Geographic I am still waiting for the big debut of Drugs, Inc. “Inside the Porn Business”.

Do you really think any of these girls are role models for the next youth culture? I think not.

Expect some drugs.

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