Trey Parker and Matt Stone Take Acid at the Oscars

Dropping LSD at the Oscars With Trey Parker and Matt Stone

 South Park creators on acid at the Oscars Check out this video and you will realize there is no way they are just faking the funk….

Here is just another reason to have mad respect for South Park creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone. They had the unmitigated balls to go to the Oscars when Trey Parker was nominated for “lame Canada” dressed in drag and frying their balls off on LSD. The clip embedded in this blog is from the fascinating Comedy Central documentary about how South Park is created called “Six Days to Air” and how they just finished the “Book of Mormon“.

if you are a huge fan of South Park, like am, “Six Days to Air” is required watching. You can view the whole thing any time you want on your Media Cube.

just another reason why you need to have one of these babies…

the meda cuce See just a small selection of the free television shows with full episodes and no downloads  that are available available on this awesome replacement for cable television with no monthly fees.

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