Free Movies

Free Movies On The Media Cube

I’m not even sure where to begin on this one, it doesn’t matter what genre of movies you are into anything from “‘Beaches” to “The Human Centipede” are all easily at your fingertips 24 hours a day without ever having to pay a monthly fee for your Media Cube.

 free movies

Hell, sometimes (almost all of the time) a screener for a film will leak and you can catch films that aren’t even playing in the movie theater yet on your Media Cube. I’m telling you that this device is a game changer. To me, anyways — it’s the biggest thing to revolutionize entertainment since the iPod.

Basically, you have access to every single movie ever made. Sometimes it might take a little bit of searching around but you can always find what you’re looking for the end of the day. It beats the hell out of Blockbuster or Redbox any day!

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