Goodfellas: The Best Gangster Movie Ever?

Yes. I know, that is a very bold statement. I love gangster movies and I have to say that Goodfellas edges out Scarface, The Godfather and Casino as being the greatest gangster movie ever made. The problem with it isn’t that it’s hard to see — they play it on cable constantly.  My problem is: If I start to watch it I am just going to keep watching it all the way to the end, regardless of which section of the movie I  started. Whether it was the classic Joe Pesci “Do I look like a clown” (which was actually completely improvised) to any of the other classic Robert De Niro bits –  this movie wins hands down!


Now with Media Cube, if I’m in the mood to watch Goodfellas I will watch the whole thing from beginning to end, any time that I want to 100% uncensored and commercial free. To me, that is worth the $300 sticker price alone just in wasted productivity for me.

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