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 Behind the Music
Why I I love “Behind the Music”! I can watch that show back to back, about artist after artist and it doesn’t even matter if who they are making the show about is a musician that I give a fuck about are not.

I find myself, “Did I just watch an hour’s worth of Behind the Music: Bay City Rollers ?” Only to answer yourself with, “Yep, I just watched an hour’s worth of documentary footage about the Bay City Rollers!”

VH1 Classic – Behind the Music: Remastered – Rick James from Garrick Stoner on Vimeo.

While not all of them can be as entertaining as the Rick James: Behind The Music.¬† Dave Chapelle wasn’t the only person as amused with this episode as I was. All VH1 Behind the Music have that same kind of story arc. At first, they were nobody, then they struggled hard, then they became rich and famous, lost it all to **insert vice here***, but now, just as we are making this television show about their life they are making a real come back.

It may not be true for all of them, and even if embellished the way they structured the show makes it entertaining whether you’re a fan of the artist that is being featured in it or not.

I will try to put together some links to YouTube clips from some of my favorite moments from that also show as well as Behind the Music Remastered, which I like even a little bit more because they revisit the original episode a decade or so later and asked “Where Are They Now?”

if you feel like sitting in front of your laptop or iPad you can watch every single episode for free at VH1, but I wouldn’t recommend it because they insert a lot of really awful annoying advertising here..

Or you can have every episode and be kicked back in your letter from enjoying it on your Media Cube!

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