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Californication definitely put David Duchovny back on the map as being a famous actor again as he really hadn’t done anything since the X-Files way back in the late 80s or early 90s. a lot of people don’t know this but his character on the show is based on real-life beat poet and well respected alcoholic writer Charles Bukowski (whose nickname is Hank). Here is a quick YouTube sizzle reel of some of his funny moments.

 Hank Moody is a sex addicted, hard drinking year 2000+ version of Charles Bukowski who is constantly trying to balance his literary career, a dozen or so women, an ex-wife, and teenage daughter simultaneously. Which leads to a lot of hilarious situations. The show often includes cameos from actors and musicians that have been out of the limelight for a minute such as Sebastian Bach, Lemmy and Rick Springfield.

Of course some of these highlight where reels that we are showing here could get a little bit more racy but we are the kind of limited on what we can show because was taken from videos posted on YouTube.

Unlike, Curb Your Enthusiasm I have been watching this show since it originally aired because once you start watching it in ridiculous situations make for some rather great series television. David Duchovny does a great job of playing his character Hank Moody he is doing nothing more than playing a real-life version of himself, who had checked himself into rehab in 2007 and to try to bring together his wife and daughter which is quite similar to the theme and show plot.

it doesn’t matter if you only watched one episode of California occasion or seen, with the Media Cube you always have access to every single episode with no monthly fees.

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