The Sopranos

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Sopranos_titlescreenI know, the Sopranos ended a long time ago. In 2007 to be exact. During the course of those years there were some classic moments such as Paulie talking as a fish out from the ice bucket on that Jersey Boardwalk, more plot and twist turns then and downhill bicycle trail, and an ending that left a lot of people’s headed scratching. People Loved It, Some People Hated It! Some people (such as the fake terrorist in this video) even took to YouTube to protest the somewhat nebulous ending of a long-running show.

since the mightily talented James Gandolfini is no longer with us, it rules out the conspiracy theories that said the nebula sending to the show was nothing more than a set up for a Sopranos movie, a spinoff series, or some other method to cash in on the long-running/award wanting HBO series.

If you were too young to enjoy the Sopranos while it was on, or just missed it altogether you missed out on some classic mob television that will probably never be repeated again. Like many other pieces of content available on the Media Cube you can watch entire seasons of the Sopranos for free, those making me a show a perfect candidate for a binge watching session.

Personally I love the show and like many people I was thrown off by the ending, but I’m not going to ruin it here with the spoiler.

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