Who Else Misses “Sunday Entourage Night”?

 Entourage Had a Good Run on HBO, and I the Only One Who Misses It?

I have to admit I didn’t watch Entourage for the first few seasons, however living in Hollywood a show like entourage is at least interesting to watch for the fact that you will be seeing a lot of places that were trendy six months ago being a hot spots the guys were at. the show aired from 2004 until 2011. Starring actor Vince Chase (Adrian Grenier) and featuring the antics of his pals pals (Kevin Connolly, Kevin Dillon)  made for some mighty “Sunday Entourage Nights”.

 entourage the movie
As the show went on, like a lot of other shows like South Park the character development got much better as the seasons went on and characters like Drama, Ari Gold (probably one of my favorite television characters of all time) and even then it’s became more rounded and complex characters that To me watching week after week until the and.

Some Classic Ari Gold…

Like many HBO shows like “The Sopranos“, I wasn’t a big fan of the ending, I thought the shows really peaked when Vance was all messed up on drugs and all the other guys were partying too hard.

Nonetheless, compared to HBO’s car lineup, _excluding the mightily  Mike Judge Directed Silicon Valley) I could take another couple of seasons from the boys and Entourage.

Es an owner of the media cube you can watch every single Entourage show ever recorded from the first time it ever appeared on HBO to win the show finally came through to a close for 100% free and paying absolutely no monthly premium.

Amendment: Just as I was researching this post I see ads that there is going to be an Entourage: The Movie! was I the only person on earth that I didn’t know that there was going to be an E”ntourage: The Movie” or is there some kind of cosmic trick going?

Guess what? As an owner of a Media Cube you will also have access, I will say with almost a 90% certainty to Entourage the movie right on your device and you can stay home and watch it instead of going out to the crowded theaters and as an added caveat: Its free!

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