New Media Cube Demo Videos

It looks like the folks in the media queue game are gearing up for the launch of Version to The Media Cube judging by the bunch of new videos that just appeared on their YouTube channel.

This is a pretty exciting development if you don’t want or if you’re a fan of brand like I am. You get so much more for your money that you do with Apple TV or Roku and never those other similar devices. If you would like a little bit more information about it I just found this page where they have a bunch of consumer tutorials where you can compare features with the Roku and decide if it’s right for yourself.


Personally, I love the one I have at my house, my roommate loves it because of the sports fanatic package he’s a real big sports fan. It saves him hundreds of dollars not having to pay for every ultimate fighting event or go out to the bars words crowded and drop a bunch of cash on drinks just to see a fight.

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