The Great Thing About Having An Alternative To Cable TV

Ever since I realized that there were alternatives to cable television, my life (As Far As Entertainment Goes) has never been the same. While I know that there are similar products out there such as Roku, Apple TV, Google TV and so forth, let me tell you what makes the Media Cube the superior replacement to your Time Warner, Cox cable or even some of these other replacements for your cable bill.

Check out this demo:

Media Cube from Media Cube on Vimeo.

The big difference between all of the is that the Media Cube has a much bigger library of available programming. I am talking about being able to watch virtually any movie you want, any television show ever created (even from past seasons), live sports, live TV, and every documentary ever made. How can the media cube even do that? Things that sound like they’re too good to be true usually are, right? And the one I get the most is, is the media cube even legal?

Which all are valid questions!

The reason the media cube has so much more content than Roku or some of its competitors who only offer programs and movies that have been out for a while and have outlived their “commercial value” and then they get licensing deals with those companies. If you want to watch premium television shows or even free basic cable shows, they nickel and dime you for it. That will never happen with the Media Cube.

The media cube works on a streaming media platform, meaning we are constantly streaming in new movies and content from all over the world from servers that are set up with gigabytes of free movies, free comedy specials, whole seasons of television programs and the entire catalog of some shows you might want to binge watch such as the Sopranos or Breaking Bad. While you are doing is, you don’t even need to abandon live TV. With the Media Cube you still get all of your favorite cable television stations and you also get a slew more from all around the world that you wouldn’t normally get from your local cable television providers such as Cox cable or Time Warner cable who are a bunch of greedy bastards if you ask my opinion.

Don’t take my advice, go on to the mediates you site and have a chat with one of their live representatives. They can answer all of your questions for you.

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