The Media Cube Scam? One Year Later

One question I get all the time is: is the media cube even legal and is it a scam? A lot of people don’t seem to believe me when I tell them that I can watch pretty much every documentary known to mankind, movies at her still in the theaters, pretty much every television show that’s ever aired, Live pay-per-view, and if I like sports I could watch that too.

Fact is, even top economists like Alan Greenspan will tell you that when the cable companies finally do go belly up there will be a multibillion-dollar hole left in America’s economy when the population does decides to cut the cord. There are going to be the obvious choices of Apple TV, Roku and Google TV but I’ve always been someone her cheers for the underdog. And not only in my cheering on the underdog it’s see year later and I haven’t spent a single penny on any kind of subscription fees, haven’t had that many technical difficulties, and I’ve actually ordered a second one so I have want to keep at my house I want to travel with.

A picture of a real scam artist

So you ask me? Is the media cube a scam? In my humble opinion, I will have to say no. It is anything but a scam, in fact the guys should charge more for the thing. If you got out of calculator intro to add up the price of all the services that you would have to pay for all locked car or in a bundled cable package you would see exactly what I mean.

Like I said, it’s one year later and I’m still sticking with my Media Cube. Check out their Google sites or follow their Pinterest boards to see all of the different movies that they have to watch for free and with no download whatsoever. Oh yes, and on that last note since you aren’t ever downloading a file you are not engaged in bit torrenting or piracy of any kind so watching all of these free movies is 100% legal because streaming media is 100% legal. Technology moves for words it and not backwards folks!

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