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American Sniper

The Free “American Sniper” Screener

This was a video I actually created it when I was supposed to go on a date with this girl to go see American Sniper and the traffic in LA got so bad we just wound up turning around. I decided to take the off chance and see if it was on my Media Cube and sure enough…


Ever since Gran Turino I’ve become a big fan of almost everything that Clint Eastwood has directed. I will have to say that I enjoyed this movie quite a bit. From what I hear the guy who’s supposed to be the hero in the movie is a real egotistical jerk in real life.

Asked why some things are just better up to fantasy.

I wonder how much trouble the movie executive was that leak this screener? Even with the free version of the movie being fairly widely available of American Sniper broke box office records for an R-rated film in its first weekend of release and also became the highest grossing film of 2014.