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Monty Python

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 Monty Python

When when it comes to humor, for me, the all-time heavyweights of comedy of all time is none other than the British comedy troupe Monty Python. Even though the show ended in the early 70s even before I was born, the episodes from Monty Python’s Flying Circus still hold the test of time and still are funnier than some of the movies that they have gone on to spawn.

Just like other American protégés South Park that would calm later, Monty Python’s humor often seemed crude and offensive and loaded with lowbrow far in poop jokes when in fact all of the cast of Monty Python were very well educated and all had college degrees. I believe that some people can’t get into the show because the humor is so highbrow and a lot of the jokes go over there head, and there also might have something to do with a slight generational gap.

The Monty Python comedy troupe is probably better known for their movies in particular “Monty Python and the Holy Grail” and “Monty Python” The Life of Brian“. The latter was deemed so heretical by the BBC that they refused to even finish funding the film and that responsibility was taken up by George Harrison from the Beatles.

My whole life I’ve been a complete Monty Python geek, I used to sneak home from nights out with my friends when I was really young so I could catch it on public television when it aired really late at night and if I meet a girl one of the first questions I always ask is do they like Monty Python or I make them watch some of it and if they don’t like it I know that it’s not going to work out. That is how much of a Monty Python fanatic I am, one time I even bumped into Eric idle in the Beverly Center and of over a dozen years of living in Hollywood that was the only time that I’ve been starstruck.

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24 Hours In Police Custody

24 Hours In Police Custody From the BBC

As I stated earlier, I’m a huge fan of the BBC. Somehow while scrolling through the on limited amounts of things to watch on my Media Cube I stumbled across “24 Hours In Police Custody“. I admit, I never even heard of program before, just the title of it caught my eye. This one wound up being another binge watching session.

 24 hours in police custody
The amazing thing about this show is how much I learned about the British legal system in comparison to the cluster-fuck we have here in America. In 90% of cases, the police are not allowed to detain you for anymore than 24 hours unless you are formally charged. I was struck by the two humongous differences from the criminal justice system in America.

1. Everyone is so damn polite! :)

2. They can’t keep you sitting in jail for months on end, waiting for the Keystone cops to try to make the case against you.

I find it kind of funny that every year on the Fourth of July — we celebrate the fact we seceded from the British?

Where is my passport?