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10 The Things I Learned After Having A Great Cable Television Alternative

 Cable Television Alternative
Cable Television Alternative

Ever since I got my Media Cube of learned that I’ve been missing out by not allowing myself to have an alternative to cable television which is doing nothing but draining a huge hole in my pocket and not even giving me the entertainment I want.

1. I can have a Star Wars Marathon anytime I want to

2. Goodfellas is definitely the best gangster movie

3. Chris Rock alway had many great moments my favorite is still “Bigger and Blacker”

4. Kill Williams Is a nut bag, but we already knew that. “The Pimp Chronicles” is still probably his finest work.

5. I’m a total nerd, I can’t stop watching all of the great documentaries (too numerous to name) that are available on this thing

6.The Wolf of Wall Street, is how I should’ve lived my life (minus the end part)

7. American Sniper was pretty good, but then again I’m a sucker for anything by Clint Eastwood, especially if it’s a war movie.

8. Did I mention in number five that I’m a total dork?

9. There is so much free movies, TV programs, sports, kids shows, documentaries and shows from cable television’s all over the world my lousy cable company doesn’t pickup its ridiculous.

10. I need to clone myself to have time to really enjoy this great alternative to cable TV

Through The Wormhole

Through The Wormhole With Morgan Freeman

How I missed Through The Wormhole, I have no idea. It’s only hosted by Morgan Freeman, I think the guy is kind of a huge actor (or something LOL). Nonetheless — this one just got right past me. Maybe it was the fact that my cable TV provider didn’t carry The Science Channel because it was too intellectual for the rednecks living in Atlanta. Fortunately I have been able to binge watch all six seasons of it on my Media Cube.

Subjects range from questioning the existence of God, black holes, particle accelerators, Quantum physics, thermodynamics, and the beginning and end of time.

If you are a nerd, like I am — I cannot suggest you watch Through the Wormhole enough.