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Who Else Misses “Sunday Entourage Night”?

 Entourage Had a Good Run on HBO, and I the Only One Who Misses It?

I have to admit I didn’t watch Entourage for the first few seasons, however living in Hollywood a show like entourage is at least interesting to watch for the fact that you will be seeing a lot of places that were trendy six months ago being a hot spots the guys were at. the show aired from 2004 until 2011. Starring actor Vince Chase (Adrian Grenier) and featuring the antics of his pals pals (Kevin Connolly, Kevin Dillon)  made for some mighty “Sunday Entourage Nights”.

 entourage the movie
As the show went on, like a lot of other shows like South Park the character development got much better as the seasons went on and characters like Drama, Ari Gold (probably one of my favorite television characters of all time) and even then it’s became more rounded and complex characters that To me watching week after week until the and.

Some Classic Ari Gold…

Like many HBO shows like “The Sopranos“, I wasn’t a big fan of the ending, I thought the shows really peaked when Vance was all messed up on drugs and all the other guys were partying too hard.

Nonetheless, compared to HBO’s car lineup, _excluding the mightily  Mike Judge Directed Silicon Valley) I could take another couple of seasons from the boys and Entourage.

Es an owner of the media cube you can watch every single Entourage show ever recorded from the first time it ever appeared on HBO to win the show finally came through to a close for 100% free and paying absolutely no monthly premium.

Amendment: Just as I was researching this post I see ads that there is going to be an Entourage: The Movie! was I the only person on earth that I didn’t know that there was going to be an E”ntourage: The Movie” or is there some kind of cosmic trick going?

Guess what? As an owner of a Media Cube you will also have access, I will say with almost a 90% certainty to Entourage the movie right on your device and you can stay home and watch it instead of going out to the crowded theaters and as an added caveat: Its free!

Silicon Valley

 Watch Every Full Episode of Mike Judges Silicon Valley For Free

 Silicon Valley by Mike Judge There isn’t a whole lot of need to talk about Silicon Valley, as it is the hottest and most celebrated show television right now. just two episodes into its second season and look at the number of awards it’s already piled on.

 awards to Silicon Valley from industry and critics
Let’s talk about the man who’s behind it and that man is Mike Judge — perhaps the most underrated writer, director and producer of all time.

For those of you who don’t know, Mike Judge was the writer and the voice of both Beavis and Butthead

He is also the man behind King of the Hill and Office Space. He also brought you such awesome films as Idiocracy and Extract, which were both awesome films that were well received by the critics but were sleepers at the box office. Both of these Mike Judge feature films had A-list cast members. I highly suggest you check out Idiocracy.

 I love that movie so much I actually want up getting a Brawndo tattoo, which I was able to show to the man himself just a few years ago when I ran into at a bar.

mike judge and i 2012 When he saw the tattoo he loved it and thought I was just going to be some idiot showing him a Beavis & Butthead are King of the Hill tattoo, he was so impressed with it he went to take his iPhone out to take a picture of it and just as he went to snap the picture his iPhone died, so he asked if he could borrow my iPhone and texted the picture to himself. We wound up “bro-ing down” and wound up at some crappy strip club in Hollywood.

It’s movies like Idiocracy and Extract the eye believe someday will really become cult classics because they are just too good to have flown under the radar all of these years. As I understand it, the deal with Idiocracy was it was Mike Judge’s first movie after Office Space and the studios granted him “total artistic freedom”. When he delivered the final version of the film featuring companies that the studios have been taking large sums of cash in the form of product placement, they begrudgingly released the film to the minimum amount of screens and with the smallest advertising budget allowed in the contract. Mike Judge’s punk rock as movie directors go in Hollywood and easily the best one out today. It is good to see him finally getting respect for something more than Beavis and Butthead. Silicon Valley may make enough new fans that I can go back and get caught up in all the awesome films they might’ve missed.

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“The Palestinian Chicken” Curb Your Enthusiasm Episode Top Quotes

The Top Qoutes “The Palestinian Chicken” Curb Your Enthusiasm Episode

 curb your enthusiasm Palestinian chicken episode

There are so many good quotes from the Palestinian chicken episode of Curb Your Enthusiasm, I don’t even really know where to start. The one scene that stood out for me was the “Social Assassin” – even if you watch it out of context it’s still funny.

Larry David took pride in his new moniker as “the social assassin” until he was reminded that he “bungled the hit”.

And then there is the classic, “I am going to fuck the Jew out of you.”

There is this classic witticism from Super Dave Osborne:

I thought about it all last night. If Rabin can break bread with Arafat, I can have chicken at this Anti-Semitic shit hole.
– Funkhouser

Then there is this one in response to request for another social assassination.

“I’m flattered that you considered me for such a delicate assignment but I’m out of that business.”

Which ends with Larry getting his ass handed to him by a 18-year-old girl:

Larry: You really are your mother’s daughter, aren’t you?
Sammy: Yeah. Now get the f*ck out my driveway you bald prick.

Another great one from Super Dave just outside of the Palestinian chicken restaurant…

I thought about it all last night. If Rabin can break bread with Arafat, I can have chicken at this Anti-Semitic shit hole.
– Funkhouser

Larry David on LOL…

You’re saying LOL. You’re verbal texting.
– Larry

On lunch…

I know we have our problems with these people, but man oh man, do they know what they’re doing, chicken wise.
– Larry

On a free lunch…

Eddie: By the way, your lunch is on me.
Larry: I already paid for it.
Eddie: Even better.

On romance…

Shara: I like you.
Larry: What’s not to like.
Shara: Ehh, you’re a Jew.

Those are some of my favorite quotes from the “Palestinian Chicken” episode on Curb Your Enthusiasm, but there were so many good lines in it I am sure there are some I’m forgetting. If you have your own favorite line leave it in the comments and maybe I’ll add it to the blog!

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How To Get Free HBO

With Media Cube We Will Show You How to Get Free HBO

Do you remember back in the day when you actually had to pay for HBO? Recently the cable companies have, under pressure to stop bundling their packages. the technical meaning of a is you get all of the channels that you don’t really care about or watch for your flat cable rate and then all of the good channels such as HBO and all of the other movie networks are upsells which will cost you extra. Those days are coming to an end. For over and just like the industry you music industry because they had a multitrillion dollar monopoly on what types of entertainment you chose to have in your home.

There is a lot of money on the table the next great cable-television alternative. Of course a lot of people are thinking it is going to be one of the obvious choices such as Netflix, Apple TV, Hulu, Roku or Google TV the five front runners in this multitrillion dollar gold rush when cable TV finally breathes its last breath and expires.

Check out a sceen shot of Curb Your Enthusiasm from HBO:

season seven the Palestinian chicken of curb your enthusiasm
The great thing about this is there is a sixth alternative that is less talked about and that is the Media Cube. Netflix, Apple TV, Hulu, Roku or Google TV all have their limitations in being a true leap is meant to cable TV will you get free HBO at all. Because of complicated licensing issues when you start dealing with these larger corporate entities you are really and may as well drive back down to your cable company and get a new DVR that won’t barely hold bought a few hours of programming.

The only thing you really need to worry about when using the media cube device is you have to have a fairly good Internet connection to be able to watch free HBO, but one trick I like to do to help correct some of my buffering issues is to remove my wireless and plug directly into my  LAN.

Lastly, a lot of people a lot of people seem to question whether a device is a seem to question whether a device this awesome is even legal and the answer is YES the Media Cube IS LEGAL!! it is not a bit torrent it relies on streams, so you never have they are simply streamed through the Internet, so there is no worries having Lars Ulrich from Metallica show up at your house with a bunch of lawyers.


Watch Every Full Episode of Californication and For Free

Californication definitely put David Duchovny back on the map as being a famous actor again as he really hadn’t done anything since the X-Files way back in the late 80s or early 90s. a lot of people don’t know this but his character on the show is based on real-life beat poet and well respected alcoholic writer Charles Bukowski (whose nickname is Hank). Here is a quick YouTube sizzle reel of some of his funny moments.

 Hank Moody is a sex addicted, hard drinking year 2000+ version of Charles Bukowski who is constantly trying to balance his literary career, a dozen or so women, an ex-wife, and teenage daughter simultaneously. Which leads to a lot of hilarious situations. The show often includes cameos from actors and musicians that have been out of the limelight for a minute such as Sebastian Bach, Lemmy and Rick Springfield.

Of course some of these highlight where reels that we are showing here could get a little bit more racy but we are the kind of limited on what we can show because was taken from videos posted on YouTube.

Unlike, Curb Your Enthusiasm I have been watching this show since it originally aired because once you start watching it in ridiculous situations make for some rather great series television. David Duchovny does a great job of playing his character Hank Moody he is doing nothing more than playing a real-life version of himself, who had checked himself into rehab in 2007 and to try to bring together his wife and daughter which is quite similar to the theme and show plot.

it doesn’t matter if you only watched one episode of California occasion or seen, with the Media Cube you always have access to every single episode with no monthly fees.

Curb Your Enthusiasm

Watch Every Episode of Curb Your Enthusiasm for Free

cu curb your enthusiasm on HBO with Larry David every season
aFor whatever reason I never caught on to Curb Your Enthusiasm until somewhere around a fifth season. in my opinion, Curb Your Enthusiasm is the best written show on television pound-for-pound. For those who are not familiar the main character is played by Larry David who is playing himself and is also the original creator of Seinfeld. A lot of the scenes are improvised according to Larry David. After you have written and read to the benefits of writing a show so commercially successful as Seinfeld it pretty much gives you a license to do whatever you want when you get older — and I is exactly what Larry David did with Curb Your Enthusiasm.

 season seven the Palestinian chicken of curb your enthusiasm
If you are like me you might have missed a lot of the earlier seasons if you didn’t catch on to the subtle Hebrew trademark humor stylings which made the show a humongous hit by the time it reached season eight and the rumor is that Larry David will not be doing any more seasons of Curb Your Enthusiasm.

My favorite season was season seven if for nothing else the “Palestinian Chicken” / “Social Assassin” episode all by itself ( see our own list of some of the top quotes from this episode here) . I’m also a huge fan of the “Black Swan” episode from season six. The show even went far enough to make me have some sort of appreciation for Roseanne Barr in the classic “lesbian” episode. The jokes in curb your enthusiasm go flying at such a fast pace you really have to pay attention to the show as one joke almost certainly references another in almost every case, that’s how brilliant the writing is on the show. While this type of humor might not be everyone’s cup of tea it is the best piece of HBO original programming that they’ve ever invested their hard-earned dollars into.

You can watch every episode from season one through season eight of Curb Your Enthusiasm 100% free on Media Cube, that alone makes it worth it’s $300 sticker price.

Chris Rock: Bigger And Blacker

Chris Rock: Bigger And Blacker

Arguably Chris Rock’s best standup comedy special all time, not to mention his best-selling. This premium stand up special that you can watch for free on the media cube cruised millions and catapulted Chris rock into a full-fledged superstar. This movie has so many classic bits in it it’s almost hard for me to name them all, but I’ll try to highlight a few.

Bullet control…

Domestic violence…



For some this was Chris Rock at the pinnacle of his comedy career. I know he went on to do a lot of really funny stuff after their, but this one still remains my favorite.