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Nova’s “Rise Of The Drones”

You could sit here and in front of your computer and watch all 60 minutes+ of Nova’s “Rise Of The Drones” – this is the complete episode from Youtube or you could be curled up on your couch with your Media Cube and a lifetime’s supply of free documentaries.

You decide?


Watch Every Episode Of Nova From PBS

One of my favorite documentary programs is Nova by PBS. Sometimes the show can be a bit of a sleeper, but when they get on to good subjects such as the classic “Rise of the Drones” (FULL EPISODE) they can’t be stopped.

watch free documenteries
Watch free documenteries on Media Cube

With subjects of varying from “Escape from Nazi Alcatraz” to “The World’s First Computer” (a device found in the late 60s on a sunken Greek cargo ship and then later revisited by famous explorer Jacques Cousteau) Even when they have subject matter that is not so much to my taste the execution from the show’s production staff is always so good they can always make you think about something.

One thing I never wondered about was how this show have been running in straight seasons since 1974. And people thought The Simpsons were all long-running show. LOL

watch free documenteries
Watch free documenteries on Media Cube

I guess not being on the Fox network and not having to pander to advertisers gives PBS’s “Nova” a unique and nu-corrupted by advertiser dollars perspective on a variety of interesting subjects mostly encompassing science and history.