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Trey Parker and Matt Stone Take Acid at the Oscars

Dropping LSD at the Oscars With Trey Parker and Matt Stone

 South Park creators on acid at the Oscars Check out this video and you will realize there is no way they are just faking the funk….

Here is just another reason to have mad respect for South Park creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone. They had the unmitigated balls to go to the Oscars when Trey Parker was nominated for “lame Canada” dressed in drag and frying their balls off on LSD. The clip embedded in this blog is from the fascinating Comedy Central documentary about how South Park is created called “Six Days to Air” and how they just finished the “Book of Mormon“.

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South Park

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Who knew that Trey Parker and Matt Stone would’ve had said she a colossal cable television with what seemed on the surface to be nothing but crude animation and fark humor? South Park would go on to be one of the most respected and socially polarizing shows on TV. Check out this interview from 2004 on Conan O’Brien’s show:

In that sense we could say that South Park is America’s Monty Python. Where on the surface it seems like just a bunch of silliness but if you work intellectual enough to dive down past all of the poop jokes you will realize that there is some real genius level multi-threaded comedy going on. It’s no wonder that this fledgling crudely animated TV show started in the early 90s on an order from Comedy Central for only six episodes would go on to spawn a movie and even on award-winning Broadway play.

A lot of people, especially those who haven’t watched the show in a while would always come to me and say “Is that show still on?” Or I used to like it when it first started but I don’t think it’s funny anymore. That might be true for The Simpsons but it sure as hell is not the case with the South Park crew. The writing on the show as it has gone from its early days to where it is now has improved 1000 fold especially in the character development in such characters as Eric Cartman, Stan’s dad, and Butters.

The directors admit that they often don’t know what the exact concept of the show will be even up to 48 hours before it is going to go on. For me, that is my favorite South Park, when they have the chance to speak out on current social topics such as the flood in New Orleans, Tiger Woods, or the election of Pres. Obama is when their comedy and social satire skills are at their peak. Check out this footage of the South Park creators dropping acid at the Oscars from that documentary. What is even more interesting about the “About Last Night” episode is it aired only 16 hours after the polls closed, so you knew there had to be an alternate ending had John Kerry won.

Another great thing about the show is, they don’t just have her on one race, topic, or political agenda — they make fun of everyone. Isaac Hayes who was one of the original characters who did voices on the show quit when Trey  and Trey  decided to make fun of Tom Cruise and Scientology which led to Chef quitting the show after being one of its original cast members and only celebrity voice. Also notable is George Clooney’s appearance as a gay dog in the first season.

Every year it seems like there are rumors floating around Hollywood that this season will be the last season of South Park, but I don’t see these guys slowing down any time soon, plus it’s got to be a really nice sized cash cow! Matt and Trey deserve every penny for the highly awesome social satire that they’ve provided over the last two decades.

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